Tools and methodology

For all front, middle, and back office processes and operations, our set of integrated tools and methodology that underpins them, deliver world-class mechanisms that enable: 

  • Improved decision making through the combination of data from a variety of sources; 
  • Cost reduction through process automation and workflow; and
  • Customer satisfaction through digital interaction.

Scalable Service Model

Underpinning these tools and methods is our scalable service model that enables our clients to trigger the adoption of tools when the business is ready and the operating model calls for it. 

Seamless Integration

This is inextricably linked to the interoperability of the whole suite of tools that we have on offer, ranging from data transformation, process automation, workflow, business transformation, and reporting and MI.

The Toolkit

The Power of Three

There are three principal tools in the iQcodex toolkit that provide a no-code ecosystem for transformation:

  • Model layer
  • iQprocess
    • A process management tool that enables modelling of current and future business process
    • It captures roles and responsibilities, document use and production, system interaction, data creation and modification, location of operations, and operational metrics, against individual process steps. 



  • Workflow layer
  • iQcanvases
    • Transforms models into functional workflows
    • A real time workflow management system
    • It allows users and managers to simultaneously review the state of each project and their associated tasks 




  • Data Layer
  • iQroute
    • Conducts advanced handling of data
    • A powerful data transformation engine capable of validating, enriching and transforming the data
    • Event based




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